Team Policies

Grand Island Senior High Softball

Team Policies and Expectations

Academics and Behavior

    1. Attend classes and be on time.
  • Players must be in school ALL day in order to participate in practice or a game that day.
  • An approved medical appointment or other extenuating circumstances may be acceptable to the coach as legitimate excuses for missing class. They must be communicated with the coach prior to missing class if possible.
    1. Athletes are expected to be respectful of their teachers and fellow students at all times.
  • Inappropriate behaviors that reflect upon your team, school, and community are unacceptable.
  • Disciplinary action will be handled by, and at the discretion of the coach if it is not already covered by the school athletic code.
    1. Academics are an extremely important priority.
  • Athletes must have passed the required amount of classes the previous semester to participate.
  • Action may be taken by the coach if improvement is needed in this area.
  • A good athlete is first a good student.


  1. Be on time and ready to practice, including proper practice attire.
    1. There will be NO unexcused absences from practice. Absences for medical reasons, funerals, or other extenuating circumstances may be acceptable if they are cleared by the coach ahead of time.
    2. Any violations will be handled by, and at the discretion of the coach.
  2. Listen.
  3. Give your best effort 100% of the time.
  4. Show respect to your coaches and your teammates.
  5. All players will help clean up after every practice session.
  6. All electronic devices will be shut off and put away in bags unless given approval from the coaching staff.

Game Day

    1. Start preparing the night before by getting adequate rest.
  • Be home by 10:30 pm for Saturday games.
  • Eat an appropriate meal.
    1. Arrive at the field on time for pre-game warm up.
    2. Arrive at school 20 minutes prior to departure for road games. We will leave at the scheduled time.
    3. Varsity, JV and Reserve players must attend each others games when theirs finish.
  • We are one program and we will show our support for each other.

5. All players will help clean up the dugouts and playing area after all games.

6. Be mindful of your conduct especially when traveling to another school.

  • You are representing Grand Island Senior High School, your behavior and conduct reflects on our team, school, and community.

7. Act appropriately on the bus and leave the bus clean.

8. All electronic devices will be shut off and put away in bags unless given approval from the coaching staff

9. Athletes must have a note signed by the principal or athletic director prior to the game in order to ride home with the player’s parent.

10. Athletes must have their parents talk directly to a coach before they are allowed to leave with them at the end of an away game.

Equipment and Uniforms

    1. Take care of all equipment
  • Take responsibility for the equipment you have been assigned for home and away games.
  • Make sure it gets loaded properly and returned to its designated spot.

2. Report any problems with equipment/gear to a coach immediately.

3. Take care of all gear (Uniforms, equipment, ect.) that are issued to you.

4. Return the gear in good condition at the conclusion of the season.


    1. Your support is vital to the success of this program
    2. Be positive and support your daughter(s), the coaches, and the team
    3. Unless there is a safety issue, please do not contact the coaching staff with a concern until 24 hours after the game.

Have a positive attitude. Come to practice and games with energy and enthusiasm. Together we can build a winning tradition for Grand Island Senior High Softball. Every person is an important part of this process. Accept your role and give 100% of yourself.

I have read and understand the requirements of the Grand Island Senior High Girl’s Softball Program. I further understand that there are consequences for any violations. All violations will be handled at the discretion of the coaching staff, if the school athletic code does not apply.

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